Monopolist can discriminate across the two markets

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There are two markets with inverse demand in market one as P_1 = 20 – Q_1 and in market 2 as P_2= 12 – Q_2. The firm’s cost is 2?(Q_1 + Q_2). Find the profit maximizing levels of Q_1 and Q_2 when the monopolist can discriminate across the two markets.

Reference no: EM131386538

List and describe the four categories of business resources

For a business to be organized, it must combine four kinds of resources. List and describe the four categories of business resources and then provide at least three examples G

Context of the classical full-employment model

Let us assume the advent of the Internet makes the U.S. labor force more productive and efficient. In the context of the Classical Full-Employment Model, graphically trace out

Omitting relevant variable from a regression model

For each of the following statements, answer “agree” or “disagree,” and provide justification. “Omitting a relevant variable from a regression model generally causes bias in t

What will be its capitalized cost at an interest rate

A city that is attempting to attract a professional football team is planning to build a new stadium costing $500 million. Annual upkeep is expected to amount to $1,000,000 pe

Prepare a report on traffic congestion at heathrow

BAA is a private company that operates some of the largest airports in the United Kingdom, including Heathrow and Gatwick. Suppose that BAA recently commissioned your consulti

Investigate the venezuelan economy

Investigate the Venezuelan economy. What is their current situation with price increases in that country? In other words, what is their inflation picture today? Explain some p

Including the supply curve of domestic producers

Jacob Viner originally envisioned a situation where, in the demand/supply graph of a trade-diverting customs union, the demand curve was vertical and all supply curves (includ

Represent an obvious example of ceo overpayment

A CEO's pay rose 25% over the 2001-2002 period even though his firm's ROA fell 12% and the stock return fell 10% over the same period. Discuss why this may NOT represent an ob


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