Modelling a zero-energy dwelling in hot arid regions
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Prepare thesis on "Modelling a zero-energy dwelling in hot arid regions - a case study of Dubai"

Need a good introduction indicating the energy consumption and its environmental effects.

Sentences needs to be clear.

Please format the whole thesis according to HW PhD thesis template.

Need professional writing for this thesis.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1 - Introduction
1.1. Background
1.2. Climate change's impact
1.3. International action
1.4. A look at GCC and UAE national circumstances
1.5. Research rationale
1.6. Research aims
1.7. Research objectives
1.8. Research contribution

Chapter 2 - Literature review - what consumes energy in buildings?
2.1. Orientation and shape of the building
2.2. Thermal envelope
2.3. Insulation
2.4. Windows
2.5. Air leakage
2.6. Heating systems
2.6.1. Space heating systems
2.7. Cooling and cooling loads
2.7.1. Lessening the cooling load
2.8. Air conditioning, ventilation and heating (HVAC) systems
2.8.1. HVAC design - the basics of energy-efficiency.
2.9. Domestic hot water
2.10. Lighting systems
2.11. Daylighting
2.12. Consumer electronics, household appliances and office equipment

3. Chapter 3 - Literature review - Energy efficient houses
3.1. Zero Energy Building
3.2. Energy balance
3.3. The passive house
3.4. Passive houses with renewable energy

4. Chapter 4 - Literature review - zero net energy buildings in the research.

5. Chapter 5- Literature review - Review of the analysis techniques of the consumption of energy in the residential sector.
5.1. Modelling methodologies
5.1.1. Sources and types of information
5.1.2. The approaches used in the model for residential energy consumption

6. Chapter 6 - Research methodology
6.1. The model development
6.2. Verification of the model
6.3. Validation of the energy model
6.4. The objective of the model
6.5. The scope of the model
6.6. System boundaries and limitations
6.7. Uncertainties
6.8. The assessment of the embodied energy
6.8.1. Selection of the appropriate technique for the embodied energy quantification
6.8.2. The material embodied energy of building
6.9. Assessment of operational energy by utilizing the PHPP

7. Chapter 7 - Schematic model design
7.1. Functional Aspects
7.2. The preliminary design
• Building floor plans and areas
• Building elevations and facades
7.3. Building components
7.3.1. Building assemblies
7.3.2. Building envelope
• Windows and shading
• Doors
7.4. Building mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR)
7.4.1. Ventilation
7.4.2. Summer Ventilation
7.4.3. Cooling demand
7.4.4. DHW + Distribution
7.4.5. Solar DHW
7.5. Primary Energy Renewable PER

8. Chapter 8 - Interpretation of the results
8.1. Analysis of the model verification process
8.1.1. Thermal insulation
8.1.2. Windows
8.1.3. Thermal bridge free design
8.1.4. Airtightness
8.1.5. Indoor Comfort
8.1.6. Ventilation
8.2. Testing the building performance
8.2.1. IES-VE input files
8.2.2. IES VE weather data input
8.2.3. IES VE building parameters input
8.3. Results
8.3.1. Discussion
8.4. Conclusion




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The assignment was made on the topic of 'Modelling a zero-energy dwelling in hot arid regions -– a case study of Dubai' in which the analysis was done based on the evaluation of the research development considering the effective deployment of the works with the integration and management of the works.The research management was done with the usage of the secluded and aligned information alignment.The integration of the methodology was used for enabling the continuous management of the documentation.

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    each chapter summary need to be increased a little bit 2- chapter 5 has no summary 3- chapter 4 and 5 need to be divided into sections with headings, main titles, and subtitles (restructured) then add it to the thesis table of contents. 4- please add a proper source where ever required which should be matching matching the Harvard style. Experts Mind.com, I really appreciate for my assignment work. They have given me the assignment before a day to my deadline. It is cheaper than other sites. Thanks

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    I have a file with comments from my supervisor. Could you please check and advise if you can work on I need a good quality. get the restructure comments done in addition to the summary for each chapter so I can review and approve all of them

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