Mobile timetabler android application android development
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Mobile Timetabler Android Application Android Development

This assignment requires you to develop a simple Android application that uses many Activities, which are related using Intents. To write the application you will need to use the Android Studio (IDE) 2.3.3.

Your application must perform all tasks listed in this document, and can run on any Android device with a minimum API version of 19 (KitKat 4.4) up to the latest version of Android.

Your application should be created to display correctly on an emulated Nexus 5X ( 1080 X 1920 pixels in portrait orientation) - however, by using sizes specified in "density independent pixels" (dp) the application should also be able to display correctly on any Android device with any sized screen and resolution.

Application Description

Your Mobile Timetabler application will do exactly what it sounds like. When the application first launches, it will display the days of the week Monday through to Friday, and underneath each day, it will display some details (which you will enter, and which will be saved into a simple SQLite database) about what classes / labs you have on that day.

When the application starts it should have two buttons which are displayed at the top of the screen:
- A button to create a New appointment, and
- A button to Delete appointment(s).

Under this, in a LinearLayout inside a ScrollView, there should be 5 centred TextViews with the days of the week Monday through Friday.

Under each day should be the text for one or more appointments. If there are no appointments saved for that day then the text "No appointments." is displayed.

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    Requirement Weight Mark Correct usage of defining labels, the text on text views and buttons 2 Correct usage of defining text styles for schedule items and TextViews 2 Correct layout for MainActivity 1 Correct layout for NewAppointmentActivity 1 Correct layout for DeleteAppointmentActivity 1 Ability to create database with correct schema 1 Correct creation of the Appointment class 1 Ability to save a new appointment to the SQLite database with details as entered by the user 3 Ability to retrieve a previously saved appointment from the SQLite database 3 Ability to display a retrieved appointment 3 Ability to delete an appointment from the SQLite database 2 Demonstration in Week 8 Lab 5 Assignment mark total / 25 Contribution to unit mark (out of 10%) %

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