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1. What role does the mission statement play in the planning process?

A. Guides day-to-day activities

B. Sets company direction

C. Links strategy and operations

D. Sets purpose of business

2. Twitter is a publicly traded company that generates revenues primarily by selling advertising to businesses and licensing user data. Twitter’s 3,900 employees around the world serve 320 million active users who generate 1 billion unique visits to sites with embedded Tweets each month. The company’s mission? Twitter exists “to give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers.”

A. A company’s strategic goals specify a direction for accomplishing the company’s mission. Which one of the following would be an appropriate strategic goal for Twitter?

B. Advertise Twitter on top mobile sites in terms of unique monthly visitors in each Latin American market

C. Acquire new users in Latin American markets by stimulating primary demand for mobile, real-time information sharing of relevant regional, Spanish-language tweets

D. Complete A/B testing of the ad versions to be used in Latin American paid media buy by the beginning of fourth quarter

E. Expand globally with a focus on Latin America

3. Tactical goals link a company’s strategy with its operations. Which of the following would be an appropriate tactical goal for Twitter?

A. Be one of the top 10 Internet companies in the world as measured by revenues

B. Grow annual revenues by 18% or more to a range of $1,365–$1,375 million

C. Complete coding and testing of look-alike targeting functionality by end of third quarter

D. Expand premium ad products for advertisers to create, manage, and activate tailored audiences including mobile advertising IDs, mobile phone numbers, and look-alike audiences

4. Suppose that nominal interest rate in Poland is 6.5% while it is 1.5% in Vietnam. What should happen to the Polish currency relative to the Vietnamese currency in the future, as per interest rate parity?

it should remain constant

it should appreciate

cannot answer because the price of Big Mac in both countries is not given

it should depreciate

5. George Buckwilder is a state Supreme Court judge who has been charged with accepting bribes. Judge Buckwilder is accused of accepting money and gifts from several plaintiff's attorneys in exchange for granting them huge verdicts. Judge Buckwilder will elect to have a _____________.

A) Jury Trial

B) Bench Trial

C) Summary Trial

D) Directed Verdict

E) Summary Judgment

Reference no: EM132279892

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