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Henrik Ibsens; A Doll House Choose a specific character, a situation, a symbol, etc., from the assigned play and provide analyses from the psychoanalytical critical perspective. There is no one correct way to proceed. Instead, choose a character, symbol, idea. or feeling that interests you.

You might want to reread the online lecture at this point to refresh your memory concerning the psychoanalytical perspective.

In your paper: In the introduction, which serves as a foundational element of the paper, consider offering your definition of psychoanalytical perspective. Show the reader that you understand how to analyze using a psychoanalytical perspective. You will analyze the drama and use excerpts that support your ideas about the character, audience, theme, or symbol.

Consider the questions noted above and do some free-writing.

Think of yourself as an analyst or psychologist and have some fun with this. In the introduction of your essay, provide a brief summary of the play that contextualizes your interpretation.

Then, rather than continue on with plot summary, use your analysis to fill in the gaps. You will end your essay with a sound concluding paragraph where your ideas are reiterated and you have brought the reader to a new place of understanding.

Since you will be providing logical backup for your analytical statements, you will need to cite specifics from the plays. Be sure to use APA format.

Reference no: EM13651989

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