Meeting fcc specifications

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Reference no: EM131050666

A radio station must broadcast at exactly 103.1 MHz. In a random sample of 25 days they average 103.8 MHz. The SD at radio stations with similar equipment is .1 MHz. At level of significance a = .05, are they meeting FCC specifications? Do a Z-test.

Reference no: EM131050666

Determine the truth value- alexander great civilized america

Write the following compound statements in symbolic form, then use your knowledge of the historical events referred to by the simple statements to determine the truth value

Determining the schoolwork on line

If 8 kids within this age group who use the Internet are randomly chosen, what is the probability that 2 of them do their schoolwork on line? What is the probability that no

Reducing the maximum error of estimation

A researcher conductued a study of the access speed of 35 hard drives and concluded that his maximum error of estimate was 35. If he were to conduct a second study to reduce

Conduct an appropriate analysis

In particular, he is interested in knowing the expected proportion of loans in the portfolio that would have balances below $170,000. You are asked to conduct an appropriate

Probability related to retirement

A sample of 50 retirees is drawn at random from a normal population whose mean age and standard deviation are 75 and 6 years, respectively.

Which of the plants prefer to manage

Plant B has a standard deviation of 150 model FX32's per day. Which of the plants would you prefer to manage? Explain why you would prefer that particular plant.

Determining poisson probability

Determine the probability of receiving at most three calls in a five-minute interval of time. Determine the probability of receiving exactly 10 calls in 15 minutes.

Binomial to approximate probability

In studies for a medication, 13 percent of patients gain weight as a side effect. suppose 514 patients are randomly selected. Use the normal approximations to the binomial t


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