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1. A client wants to claim $300 for work-related expenses and says they might not have spent that amount but because the client has been told that it does not need to be substantiated they will still make the claim. What advice would you provide?

2. Calculate the medical expenses offset for a client who has a total of medical expenses of $5,500 for the financial year. The taxpayer has private medical insurance and received $2,200 in refunds.

3. Tax agents have a responsibility to ensure that their clients' returns are prepared within the established timelines. What role do timelines have in satisfying client expectations and how would you develop a timeline to fulfil your obligations?

Reference no: EM13903941

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Briefly summarize Hazlitt's economic "Lesson". Be sure to explain all aspects and facets of “The Lesson”. Briefly apply "The Lesson" to government price-fixing in general, and

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Sarah is awake for 100 hours per week. Using one diagram, show Sarah's budget constraints if she earns $6 per hour, $8 per hour, and $10 per hour. Now draw indifference curves

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During the current year ABC computer company makes $1M worth of computer com- ponents. Their labor costs are $500k and they pay $100k in indirect taxes. ABC sells all of the o

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If a producer has purchased inputs to production so that the "bang for the bucks" (marginal product per price) of input A is greater than the "bang for the bucks" of input B,

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As an industry moves from being a monopoly to a monopolistically competitive one (due to entry of new competitors as monopoly's patents expire, for example), what happens to

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Monetarists says “Only money matters.” Keynesians answer, “Money matters, but other things like fiscal policy, matter too. “Explain and evaluate each position. Could you disag


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