Mechanical advantage of the ladder

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If a boy's mass is 53kg, what force must be exerted as he climbs the ladder?

If the length of the ladder is 4.8m he climbs the ladder 0.4min, how much work does the boy do, and what is his power output?

What simple machine principle does the ladder work on? Ir the height of the wall is 3.5m, Determine the mechanical advantage of the ladder

His sister climbs the same ladder in 0.2 min. If her power output is 200Watts, what is the mass of the girl?

Reference no: EM13217408

What cam therapy might be harmful for an individual

Construct a list of complementary and alternative therapies used to treat specific psychiatric-mental health conditions.Marjorie Alin has been diagnosed with major depression

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How alarm systems work and the rationale for use of different types of alarm systems. Explore technologies for communication, tracking, surveillance and audio/video monitoring

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Social status-interaction and success

Someone at work made a statement to me and I did not know how to respond to it. Could someone please elaborate on this statement a little more?

Examine the importance of the fourth of the us constitution

Prepare a two to three (2-3) page briefing from one of the two (1-2) cases that you reviewed in which you utilized the following areas of importance: a) issue presented; b)

How do service layouts differ from manufacturing layouts

How do service layouts differ from manufacturing layouts (or do they)? Give a personal example of either a service layout and example of a poorly designed layout and what caus


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