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1. Cover Sheet (as supplied)

2 Detail assumptions made and proposed installations method

3. Maximum Demand calculations for:
• Sub-mains
• Consumer Mains
(use tables provided or similar format)

4. Select mains, sub-mains and final sub circuit cables, (provide table, column number and de-rating from AS/NZS 3008)

5. Tabulate actual volts drop in all main, sub-main and final circuits (use table format)

6. Show worst case volt drops diagrammatically. Make statement regarding compliance.

7. Show Prospective Fault Current levels in Main & all Sub-mains based on your selected Transformer size (show calculations/selection methods)

8. Show calculation and acceptability of short circuit duration for conductors selected. (Mains and sub-mains only). Ref AS/NZ53008. Make statement regarding suitability.

9 Show calculations (or table selection) of fault loop impedance/maximum length of final circuits (viz, longest final circuit runs for various sized cables and CB's). Make statement regarding compliance.

10. Provide metering connection drawings as per the Western Australia Distribution Connections Manual.(Show cable & protection sizes, links, earths etc) as selected to suit project requirements.

11. Provide single line diagram of a typical distribution board (show all earths, bonding, conductor sizes, CB sizes, RCD's)


- The specifications provided are for 5 x Shop Units supplied underground power and to be Multiple Master metered. (check Western Power website for meter layout details)

- Only a minimum amount of information has been provided for this project. Circuit loading, number of final sub-circuits and many other specifications have been left out deliberately. Provide your own specifications for cable sizes, circuit protection device size, ka rating and type, minimum transformer size (to be located on premises), number of circuits for each of lighting, power, air conditioning, hot water services etc. Allow a 0.8 power factor for the Transformer but do not allow for future expansion.

- The Consumer Main and Sub-main cables are to be V75 multicore. The Consumer mains are buried enclosed in the ground. The Sub-mains are installed in conduit, spaced on perforated tray.

- When selecting minimum cables sizes you must provide evidence (Via Calculation, Tables, clause's etc) to ensure they satisfy Volt Drop, Cable Current carrying Capacity and Faut loop Impedance.

Show Lmax for 2 FSC's and temp rise (‘K' Factor) for C. M. and sub-mains.Installation Specifications

A. 5 x shop units
B. Multiple Master Metering
C. Underground power

Each shop unit shall contain;

1. 11 x double socket outlets
2. 2 x single socket outlets
3. 3 x single 15amp socket outlets, 1 phase
4. 1 x 20 amp 3 phase socket outlet
5. 1 x 25 amp 3 phase air conditioner HWS
6. 1 x 15 amp 3 phase instantaneous HWS
7. 1 x 20 amp 1 phase storage HWS
8. 9 x twin 36w fluorescent fittings (0.24amps per tube)
9. 2 x 4 tube 36w fluorescent fittings (0.23amp per tube)
10. 2 x twin 18w exit lights (0.28A each light)
11. 4 x Light points (60w)
12. 2 x exhaust fans(0.25amps each)

Cable lengths

Consumers Main 17m
sub mains;
1. Shop unit 1---- 20m
2. Shop unit 2 ---- 35m
3. Shop unit 3---- 50m
4. Shop unit 4 ---- 65m
5. Shop unit 5 80m

Max cable runs for FSC
1. Fluorescent lights 20m
2. 10amp socket outlets 24m
3. 15amp socket outlet 21m
4. 20amp 3 phase outlet 14m
5. 25amp 3 phase A/C 18m
6. Instantaneous HWS 16m
7. Storage HWS 19m

Please ensure all 11 items on the ‘check-sheet' are addressed and evidence provided.

Will only accept 35mm2 max. Cable at termination.

Show active links for change of cable size and indicate cable sizes from supply to links to fuses to meters to sub-mains protection.

Show on meter drawing: earth and neutral bars, MEN link, switchboard bond, main earth size, size and Ka rating of protective devices sub-board cables and sizes

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In this project we have covered Installation Specifications, installation method,Maximum demand calculation for Sub-mains,Mains, sub-mains and final circuit cables ,Voltage drop,Prospective fault current level and Short Circuit Duration .

Reference no: EM131450655

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