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Please work the following problem on an EXCEL spreadsheet. An elegant solution is not required, Just provide all the steps so I will understand the concept and be able to replicate it for similar problems. Also, provide a written description leading me through the solution.


A Company must make decisions on weekly production. The Company makes two products; Patio bars and barstools. Each bar contributes $20 and each barstool contributes $8 toward profit. The Company can sell all the products it makes but market demand requires that they must make at least two barstools for each bar that they produce.

There are constraints on production. The Company will have available only 24,000 units of raw materials, 12,000 labor hours, and $20,000 for supplies. Each bar requires 6 units of raw materials, 2 hours of labor, and $3 in supplies. Each barstool requires 3 units of raw material, 4 hours of labor, $3 in supplies. According to the union contract, the Company must produce 4,000 items each week.

The Company plans to maximize profit contribution for the weekly production. How many bars and how many barstools should the Company produce each week?

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