Matters regulated by the fair labor standards act

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In 100 words each explain the following

1. List the matters regulated by the Fair Labor Standards Act.

2. Discuss the requirements of the minimum wage laws and to whom they apply.

3. Explain the Family Medical Leave Act, including to whom it applies and under what circumstances.

4. Explain contributory negligence, assumption of risk, and the fellow servant rule, and their roles in the regulation of safety in the workplace, and determine how OSHA impacted this regulatory environment.

5. Set forth what OSHA requires of employers to create a safer workplace and how it is enforced.

6. Describe the reporting responsibilities of employers under the OSHA Act.

7. Explain the purposes of ERISA and identify who and what type of entities are covered.

8. Describe the minimum ERISA standards for employee benefit plans.

Reference no: EM131350650

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