Mathematically formulae a linear optimization model

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Burger Office Equipment produces two type of desk, standard and deluxe. Deluxe desks have oak tops and more expensive hardware and require additional time for finishing and polishing. Standard desks require 70 board feet of pine and 10 hours of labor, whereas deluxe desks require 60 board feet of pine, 18 square feet of oak, and 15 hours of labor. For the next week, the company has 5,000 board feet of pine, 750 square feet of oak, and 400 hours of labor available. Standard desks net profit of $225, and deluxe desks net a profit of $320. All desks can be sold to national chains such as Staples or Office Depot.

A. Identify the decision variables, objective functions, and constraints in simple verbal statements.

B. Mathematically formulae a linear optimization model.

Reference no: EM131242630

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An injection molder is purchased for $500,000 for a large scale commercial operation. Its expected life is production of 2 million plastic wheels. Its salvage value is $1,000.

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