Materials used in the operation of a factory,

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Materials used in the operation of a factory, such as cleaning supplies, that are not an integral part of the final product should be classified as:

A) direct materials.

B) a period cost.

C) administrative expense.

D) manufacturing overhead.

Reference no: EM131029677

Government accomplish this by increasing or decreasing taxes

Suppose that the MPS in an economy is 0.4, and the government would like to decrease aggregate demand by $50 billion. How could the government accomplish this by increasing or

Department of revenue estimates

The Department of Revenue estimates that the special tax dedicated to funding Director’s Initiative for 2014 will be $35 million. Guided by purely economic effectiveness conce

Distinguishing features of life cycle costing

Continue the presentation started in the first module by examining a third topic. Distinguishing features of life cycle costing. Advantages and disadvantages of life cycle cos

How to minimize cost of a firm

Assume the government sets a uniform standard for winter and summer at A = 500. Support or refute this policy based on the criterion of allocative efficiency, using your mod

Produces baseball mitts and soccer balls

Consider a nation that produces baseball mitts and soccer balls.  The following table shows the possible combinations of the two products: Baseball Mitts     0    2    4    6

Is this interest in conglomeration likely to hold

Unrelated product diversification (conglomeration) is widely discredited in developed economies. However, in some cases it still seems to add value in emerging economies. Is

What was morita drawing-what did he know about costing

In 1955, Akio Morita, founder of Sony, came to the U.S. to drum-up sales for a new product his company had recently developed. Morita anticipated that Sony would sell approxim

Where the average total cost function is a minimum

For a short-run cost function, which of the following statements is NOT true The average fixed cost function decreases with output. The marginal cost function intersects the


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