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Chapter 3: Type a one-page summary over Section 3.2: Flow System (pg. 84-88).

Chapter 3: Type a one-page summary over Section 3.3: Material Flow System (pg. 88-97) and include at least one example of a flow path different than any example in the book (you can make up your own process or data for this example).

Chapter 3: Type a one-page summary over Section 3.5: Activity Relationships (pg.113-119) and include one example of a "From-To-Chart" (These examples should be different than the one in the book, make up your own data).

Chapter 3: Type a one-page summary over Section 3.6.2: Department Specification and Section 6.3: Aisle Space Specifications (pgs. 123-126).

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Reference no: EM131432615

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