Masculine and feminine speaking styles exercises

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Complete the exercise: Masculine and Feminine Speaking Styles exercises. If you were to rename the exercise: How would you refer to it or what would you call it? In what situations do you use masculine styles and what situations would you use feminine styles? If the two styles were on a continuum: where would you find yourself most of the time?

Based on the results of what you have learned in this discussion, complete the Module 4 written assignment on the self assessments.

For this discussion, you must state your position and supporting rationale. You also must respond to the positions and rationales posted by the other students and to the questions/comments posted in response to your comments. You are expected to check the discussion and post substantive comments/questions at least two-three times per week (at appropriate intervals) to participate fully in this discussion. Remember, discussions are designed to be student-moderated -- i.e., you are responsible for helping one another work through the discussion. I will be checking in frequently but I'm here primarily as a guide and will post comments only when necessary.

Reference no: EM13799719

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