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Marketing strategy for growth or position

As a consultant to your organization you have been requested to present a marketing strategy for the next 2 to years that will achieve growth or strengthen your position of your organization. in the market.

You will be analysing the banking market in Botswana. You are required to:


Conduct a marketing audit                                                          20 marks

Prepare SWOT analysis                                                                 5 marks

Assessment of competitive position                                              5 marks

Identification of critical competitive issues and strategic priorities    5 marks

Marketing objectives (SMARTT)                                                    5 marks

Marketing strategy (for growth or position)                                  30 marks

Marketing actions (tactics)                                                          20 marks

Performance measures (strategic)                                               10 marks


The report should be analytical not descriptive.

Alignment of objectives to goal justification of your marketing strategy.

An integrated marketing action plan.

A range of strategic metrics, both quantitative metrics and qualitative.




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