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Marketing needs to submit a proposal to a global customer and called a review meeting next morning. By the time Bill Taylor, Design Manager, was so informed in the late afternoon, all his design staff had left and there was no one available. Bill Taylor decided to work on a proposal himself throughout the night so that he can talk with all his design staff in the next morning, one hour before the Marketing Review meeting. All staff agreed with the proposed design, except Henry King, a senior staff, who is recognized as the most experienced and best designer in the group. His objections were that the current design is too complex and that it would take another week to improve on the design for assuring its functional performance. In order to pacify him, Bill Taylor invited Henry King to come along to the Marketing Review meeting so that he would feel the pressure Marketing is exerting on Design. Unexpectedly, Henry King stood up and re -iterated all his design objections at the Marketing Review meeting, causing a tremendous embarrassment to Bill Taylor and his boss, Stanley Clark, the Design Director. Bill Taylor became furious. What should Bill Taylor and Stanley Clark do?

Reference no: EM132280526

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