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1. Required information Using the _______ General Mills discovered market opportunities, identified potential target markets, and allocated marketing mix expenditures to its Warm Delights product.

A) strategic marketing process B) product development process C) market penetration process D) point of difference process E) diversification analysis process

2. Required information General Mills identified that consumer tastes and lifestyles were changing in the U.S. market as evidenced by a shrinking average household size and increasing desire for indulgent snacks. These market changes would have been discovered in the _____ stage of the strategic marketing process.

A) planning B) implementation C) evaluation D) strategic E) regulation

Reference no: EM131272067

Explain what is meant by the concept the value chain

Explain what is meant by the concept " the value chain " . how may such a concept be used in business strategy ? name a company that exemplifies the optimum use of the value c

Calculate the implied utilization of each resource

Calculate the total monthly workload in minutes of each resource (admin support, senior accountant, and junior accountant). Calculate the implied utilization of each resource.

Patient protection and affordable care act

A key aspect of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is rewarding hospitals for strong performance and penalizing them for quality issues, such as high infection rat

Should there be greater government regulation with respect

Using article as a base, address explains how globalization affects: organizational behaviour, leadership also ethics. Word count one page this was already done.

Federal laws and regualtions dramatically

Problem: Local, state and federal laws and regualtions dramatically impact where a company locates a facility. Some considerations are tax incentives, labor laws, and resour

Agile development methods more practical

What has changed in the software industry that may have rendered the "Waterfall" model obsolete? Or put another way, what has changed to render the "Agile" development methods

General public to have medical providers outcomes

Do you feel it serves the general public to have medical providers outcomes data posted publicly, even though the general population may not know how to interpret the data?

Challenges for project manager

What challenges may arise if a U.S. project manager moves to a foreign country to manage a project for 5 years? Discuss specific strategies that the U.S. project manager could


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