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Find examples of each tool in the marketer's promotion toolbox in the current press, on the Internet, on TV, or another media source. The marketer's toolbox includes advertising, PR, personal selling, sales promotions, direct marketing, and viral marketing. Research and identify one example for each tool. To prepare for writing your first post, speculate on why the company chose that tool for their message and what they hoped to accomplish.

Be sure to clearly state each tool and provide a link or example so that your classmates know what it is that you are referring to. While most examples will be on-line, it is perfectly acceptable to include references to TV ads, newspaper articles, etc. For each tool you must include your thoughts on why the company chose that particular tool. What did it hope to accomplish? Do you believe that they are successful? Why or why not? You may scan and attach anything you find that you believe would contribute to your classmates' understanding of your examples.

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