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Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

1) A company whose goal is to retain its ideal size and market share is employing which kind of strategy?

A) stability          B) renewal           C) noncorporate                D) growth

2) When Google purchased YouTube, a company that featured different, but related products, Google was engaging in which of the following? 

A) backward vertical integration                B) diversification

C) forward vertical integration    D) concentration

Taco Rocket (Scenario)

Imagine that you are the president of Taco Rocket, a new and successful chain of 8 Mexican fast-food restaurants. The success you have experienced in the last 5 years has you thinking of what to do with the business next. Should you expand the business at the current rate? Open new and different restaurants? What?

3) Recently, Taco Rocket has considered buying a local competitor and the two would combine under the Taco Rocket name. This is an example of which of the following?

A) vertical integration     B) diversification

C) horizontal integration                D) stability

4) Which of the following is NOT a function of planning?

A) settling disputes between employees B) coordinating organizational activities

C) identifying a strategy for attaining goals           D) defining goals

5) A mission statement does NOT include which of the following?

A) major competitors

B) the customers of a company

C) why the company is in business and what it hopes to accomplish

D) the company's basic beliefs

6) Strategy, size, technology, and the degree of uncertainty in the environment together make up what are called ________.

A) structure variables     B) probable factors

C) contingency variables                D) control factors

7) A ________ subcontracts part of a project to outside suppliers.

A) network organization               B) matrix structure

C) virtual organization   D) boundary organization

8) Organizational design requires a manager to ________.

A) change the culture of an organization

B) decide who leads a group within an organization

C) change or develop the structure of an organization

D) change the logo of an organization

9) All of the following are true of an adjective rating scale for employee evaluation EXCEPT ________.

A) provides objective quantitative data that can be analyzed in a variety of ways

B) provides the most thorough view of the employee

C) is not time-consuming

D) it lists performance factors

10) A wheelchair-bound applicant may be denied a job ________.

A) if the job is strenuous or physically tiring in some way

B) under no circumstances

C) if the job requires complete physical mobility

D) in some states

11) Organizational orientation informs a new employee about ________.

A) how their manager will evaluate the employee on the job

B) his or her responsibilities for the job

C) the history and philosophy of the organization

D) what expectations he or she has about the job are unrealistic

12) ________ actively support innovation and every step of the process that leads to innovative ideas.

A) Idea managers             B) All managers

C) Champion managers D) Idea champions

13) If several efforts between a manager and an employee for reducing resistance to change fail to allay employee fears, a manager might take him- or herself out of the process and try this.

A) participation B) facilitation and support

C) manipulation               D) negotiation between parties

14) Organizations that don't formally plan may be more likely to have ________.

A) legal problems

B) a single department carrying out all company functions

C) corrupt managers

D) multiple departments performing the same task

15) Which term best describes an organic organization?

A) flexible            B) hierarchical

C) pyramid-shaped          D) fixed

Recruitment (Scenario)

Keena's company was expanding. After a period of downsizing, the company had decided to increase organizational profitability by gaining market share, which meant a need for more people. As assistant manager of human resources, she was in the process of evaluating what would be the most effective means of gaining new employees who were qualified, were cost efficient, and could help maintain the company's commitment to a diversified workforce.

16) To reach the largest possible audience, Keena should consider ________ as a source of potential candidates.

A) advertisements            B) employee referrals

C) private employment agencies D) school placement

17) ________ refers to the ability to combine ideas in a unique way or to make unusual associations between ideas.

A) Imagination B) Open-minded thinking

C) Creativity       D) Innovation

18) Which of the following makes up the three main types of corporate strategies?

A) growth, retrenchment, renewal

B) growth, stability, renewal

C) growth, vertical integration, horizontal integration

D) renewal, retrenchment, diversification

19) A simple structure is ________ like a mechanistic organization, but ________ like an organic organization.

A) informal; decentralized            B) centralized; informal

C) centralized; formal     D) decentralized; formal

20) A(n) ________ selection device shows a clear link between test performance and job performance.

A) reliable            B) valid C) unreliable       D) invalid

Reference no: EM132233760

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