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The market demand function for corn is Qd = 15 - 2P and the market supply function is Qs = 5P - 6, both measured in billions of bushels per year. Suppose the government wants to raise the price to $4 per bushel. Describe both graphically and algebraically how this could be done with EACH of the following: a price ceiling (floor), a price support, and a quota.

Reference no: EM13771212

Multiple marketing channels

Select multiple marketing channels and discuss how the channels will work together to promote the product/Marlboro cigarettes. If Malrboro Company already uses multiple market

Write the firm profit maximization problem

Define the wage premium as the ratio of skilled labor wage rate over unskilled labor wage rate,w1/w2. Suppose that z1=z2, What is the wage premium? Now suppose that z2 remai

What is your change in net cash flow

Suppose you have a firm that faces a %50 tax rate. Suppose you have an increase in operating revenue of $25000 and an increase in operating expense of $30000, what is your cha

Depreciation deduction and resulting unrecovered investment

A surface mount PCB placement/soldering line is to be installed for $1.6 million. It will have a salvage value of $100,000 after 5 years. Determine the depreciation deduction

Think of an example of the principal-agent

Think of an example of the principal-agent that you experienced first-hand or read or heard about. What factors led to the problem? Were there serious adverse outcomes arising

Piercing the corporate veil

Smith Services, Inc., was a corporation solely owned by Tony Smith. Bear, Inc., owned and operated Laker Express, a fueling station in Kentucky. Smith charged fuel to an accou

Identify personal economic decision

Identify a personal economic decision that was driven by a behavioral bias rather than by pure rational behavior. Given your understanding of behavioral economics, how would y

Consider a small barter economy with only two individuals

Consider a small barter economy with only two individuals, John and Mark. John's preferences for the two available goods (x) and (z) are given by: Draw the Edgeworth box for t


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