Market and the adjustment towards equilibrium

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Suppose that Germany's interest rate is 8%, the Korean interest rate is 4%, the forward exchange rate is 1 euro per 30 Korean won, and the spot rate is 1 euro per 32 Korean won.


1. Calculate how the spot exchange rate will adjust towards equilibrium, given that everything else stays constant.

2. Explain the mechanism that leads the market towards the equilibrium?

3. Graph this market and the adjustment towards equilibrium

Reference no: EM131166892

Question about tradeoff and decision

Shannon bakes cookies and Justin grows vegetables. In which of the following cases is it impossible for both Shannon and Justin to benefit from trade?

Requirements of the zero-inflation goal

It is often suggested that the Bank of Canada try to reduce the inflation rate to zero. If we assume that velocity is constant, does this zero-inflation goal require that the

Explain methodology to find out equilibrium

The manager of a corporate division faces possibility of an audit each year. She prefers to spend time preparing if she will be audited;

Numbers of voters and members of congress

Due to budget pressures in the United States, an increasing numbers of voters and members of Congress have expressed the view that the country should cut back on its funding

Calculate the maximum amount of money

Assume that it is impossible to discover which individuals belong to which group. Will members of group 2 insure against this loss in a competitive insurance market.

Which of the type of protection convey negative externality

consider two ways to protect your car from theft. The Club ( a steering wheel lock ) makes it difficult for a car thief to take your car. Lojack ( a tracking system) makes i

Explain what is the logic or rationale behind the rule

Using the numbers given in the table below, calculate the Taylor Rule interest rate for 2005. What would the Taylor Rule suggest about actual U.S. monetary policy that year

Calculate point price elasticity of demand for solis product

(b) What is the maximum total revenue per year that Solis can obtain from sales of its product (Give the exact dollar amount and show how you determined it.) (c) Calculate t


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