Many colors of freedom

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The many colors of Freedom
Can you define freedom? You probably said that it deliberates us from evil. Freedom has many colors and it is an oxygen for the soul. Without freedom one would took away our pride in many ways.

Freedom is not lying on the bed and waking up every morning with a stranger. In many culture including my country, when a single woman have little or no money, lack of foods and cannot provide for her children; she felt obligated to sleep around with many guys so she can be free from her poverty. Freedom is not giving your child to people that can’t be trusted. As a result, your child might be raped or beaten. As a matter of fact, I have a friend who was under the surveillance of her parents and became raped by total strangers. She had nowhere to go and no one to talk to. Her mother didn’t care about her and she felt empty inside. One day she decided to be free from her painstakingly memories by hurting people’s feelings and beaten girls for some obvious reasons. On the other hand, some woman married a man for the love of money. For the fact that a poor woman might not want to spend her entire life in misery. As a result, she chose a man by means of a” sugar daddy” to fulfill her needs.

Freedom is not literally means that you can do whatever you want. If I can go out at night and sneaked out to meet my boyfriend. No one can tell me what to do whenever I want to; if I can sleep very late; if I can constantly use drugs and drink alcohol uncontrollably; if I can hang out with my friends all the time rather than doing my chores and study for the FCAT; if I can smoke like a chimney and make my eyes gone red like a volcano that is about to be explode. In addition to many more selfish acts a person could think of doing.

Freedom does not mean that you can disrespect your parents. As an illustration, there was a young girl who used to abuse her mother and fought her constantly. Her mother couldn’t take it no more. Finally, her mother decided to call the Maury show. At first she started to be impolite to Maury and try to curse on national TV. After the show she was put to jail for a week. On the second day she was told to sleep on the street without having anything that kept her warm. She met a poor woman who has rotten teeth, who smell like urine, sour milk and decompose meat that was cooked from two weeks ago. She told her that she ended up on the street because she was abusing her mother. Consequently, the police brought her to the mental institutions. At the end of the year, they found that she was not crazy but she wanted to escape from her mother. They expelled her. By the time she wanted to apologize to her mother, she was already left the town. As a result, she had nowhere to stay and she became homeless ever since.

The girl felt so remorseful and asked her mother for a second chance. “Mother, I learn my lesson and I’m sorry. Can we start all over again?” “You’ll always be in my heart; you are my baby girl. How could I ever refuse you?” In the meantime the girl wanted to be free from her wrongdoings and she said to her mother. ”mom, I need to clear out something that I was doing while you were at work.” ”you can tell me anything you want baby.” “I’ve been hanging around with my friends, and I’ve been sneaked out into your room and stole your money so I can smoke with my friends.” “How could you do this to me? You are insane child!” “How could I ever trust you mother?” “Bingo! Bingo! I was playing the bad mother, I forgive you. In the meantime, you are grounded by cleaning the dishes for the whole year.” “Now I’m free because I can tell you anything I want.” ” I wrote a poem while I was on the street.” Mom, you're patient when I'm foolish; you kicked my behind when I ask; I love you more than you know; if I had my choice of mothers, you'd be the one I'd select!”

Life would be unendurable and impossible without following the rules. Just because we are living in a democratic country doesn’t necessary means that I can do whatever I want. People are fully mistaken from the deeper meaning of freedom. We should also ask ourselves. ”Am I trying to impress people or be unaware of my faulty reactions?” by now, we should have a clear mind whether to be able to prevent and learn from our mistakes or regret doing them. Isn't that a valid reason to know the things that make us free and only thing that could prevent evils around us?

Freedom is to make big sacrifices. We should understand that there’s nothing wrong when we chose to do the right thing. Statistically, you’ll find a less amount of people exercise the right to do great things and the majority chose to do selfish acts. Being free is what everybody wants. However, Life would become worthy if we’re free of doing the right thing.

Reference no: EM13152749

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