Managing the global logistics chain

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LOG 502: Managing the Global Logistics Chain

Topic: Goodyear Disribution Systems

Session Long Project #2

Within the world of tires, no other name stands out among the crowd than the Goodyear name and brand. Since 1839, when Charles Goodyear discovered how to alter a rubber compound, Goodyear's 116-year history has stood the test of time and is known as the largest tire company in the world.  Along with tires, Goodyear is also known for other products, such as synthetic rubber, latex, food grade ESBR, rubber chemicals and hydroquinone.  They even offer a Goodyear blimp for advertising!  With their array of products and services, it's no wonder Goodyear is the name to know in the tire industry. So, what product lines do they actually have?

Your report must include

  • Goodyear Distribution Centers
  • Goodyear Stores and Affiliates
  • Goodyear Tires Global Reach and Their Logistics
  • What Does This Mean for Goodyear?
  • References

Words Limit: 1000

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What Does This Mean for Goodyear? With the restructuring of the distribution systems for warehousing and supplier orders, Goodyear has been able to reduce costs, waste, payroll, and overspending, while increasing sales and profit margins. The ability for consumers to purchase products from retailers and suppliers, and now online, gives Goodyear the sense of continuing improvement and reliability while expanding in more markets. Their attention to their distribution network has created a company that looks toward the future and seems to be ready to handle anything that comes their way.

Reference no: EM131384138

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