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You and Lisa met five years ago when you were hired into the management training program of a large utility. Although you’re now in different parts of the organization, you have managed to stay close over the years. Lisa recently had a baby and plans to take advantage of the full six months of maternity leave the company offers. She told you that she’s definitely coming back to work after her leave, and that her department has promised to hold her job for her. Meanwhile, you’ve seen a posting for her job on the company’s website. You run into one of Lisa’s colleagues in the hall and ask about the posting. He says, “Oh yeah, they’re going to fill that job. But don’t tell Lisa. She’s got five more months to be a happy Mom. Besides, they’ll find something for her to do if she decides to come back.”

Question: What would you do and why?(200 word min)

Reference no: EM13267909

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