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A car dealership has been working to increase the number of corporate clients leasing vehicles from them. Their three-month campaign hasn’t produced a high correlation between the costs of their marketing versus the number of leases. The manager is uncertain whether it’s a bad venture or the result of a poor sales effort. His marketing manager points out that they have a database of information including leads, call backs, number of requests for leasing options and a list of new clients in addition to previous corporate clients all broken down by the sales lead. What kind of analysis would best assist the manager in making a final decision about the marketing efforts?

Reference no: EM13966813

Identify at least two potential business-level strategies

Identify at least two potential business-level strategies that Tesla might employ to address its strategic issues within its SWOT analysis. Substantiate the strategy with fact

Variable cost will not change

Southeastern Airline’s daily flight from Atlanta to Charlotte uses a Boeing 737, with all-coach seating for 120 people. In the past, the airline has priced every seat at $140

What is the theoretical minimum number of workstations

The Mach 10 is a one-person sailboat manufactured by Creative Leisure. The final assembly plant is in Cupertino, California. Draw the precedence diagram and assign tasks using

Focus on to create high performance work

What in your estimation is the key to creating a high peformance work organiztions when it comes to HR? In other words, if you were to examine, what key areas would you focus

The fixed costs associated with oven

Janelle? Heinke, the owner of? Ha'Peppas!, is considering a new oven in which to bake the? firm's signature? dish, vegetarian pizza. Oven type A can handle 22 pizzas an hour.

Decide upon the best mode of market entry

Once a company decides to target a new country market to enter, it must then decide upon the best mode of market entry: identify the main modes of entry that a company can cho

Case study - wild west regional telephone company

WIld West, Inc., is a regional telephone company that inherited nearly 100000 employees and 50000 retirees from AT&T. Wild West has a new mission: to diversify.

Networking as skill in interpersonal communication

Which of the following is true of networking as a skill in interpersonal communication? (a) Networking is an over-appreciated skill in the business environment (b) Networking


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