Make the general journal entry to record this transaction

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Question - On July 16, 2005, Susan Tanner accepted 1,000 shares of $2.50 par common stock at par value for legal services she provided in the formation of Com Tech Software solutions. Make the general journal entry to record this transaction.

Reference no: EM132234219

Compute depletion and depreciation of the mine

In 2011, the Marion Company purchased land containing a mineral mine for $1,450,000. Additional costs of $600,000 were incurred to develop the mine. Geologists estimated tha

Find the values of gm and ro

He transistor has a 0.5-μmchannel length and is operated with an overdrive voltage of 0.15 V. What must W be for the NMOS transistor to operate at ID = 100 μA? Also, find th

Amount of the sales support costs

What is the amount of the sales support costs that should be allocated to Customer A assuming Beta uses units purchased to compute activity-based costs?

Draw a cvp chart for the company

The company's annual fixed costs are $1,125,000. (1) Use this info to compute the company's (a) contribution margin, (b)contribution margin ratio, (c)break-even point in uni

System development life cycle

Overview of who from HTH Corporation should be involved and any outcomes/ deliverables that HTH should expect from this step - identifying potential internal control risks tha

Support system of information system

Study the electronic performance support system of any information system used in your university or institution. Discuss the purpose of such a system and any flaws that you

Make the necessary summary journal entries to record

Historically, warranty expenditures have been equal to 4% of sales. Total sales for the year were $650,000. Actual warranty repairs made during the year totaled $29,000.

Case study of legolas company

Legolas Company paid $5,000 cash for executive salaries. When thejournal entry to record this payment was made, the payment wasmistakenly added to the cost of land purchased


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