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On Jan 1, 2009 XYZ Co purchased 12,000 shares of ABC Co for $15 a share. ABC has 100,000 shares outstanding. ABC reported net income of $60,000 and paid dividends of $5,000. On Dec 31, 2009 ABC had a market value of $17 a share. XYZ accounts for this investment as available for sale. On Dec 31, 2010 the value of ABC stock was $16.50 per share. Make the appropriate adjusting entry as of December 31, 2010.

Please show steps.

Reference no: EM131202316

Publicly-held or privately-held company

Can you think of reasons that either a publicly-held or privately-held company might want to minimize reported revenues in certain instances? how might they do this? What are

Weighted-average process costing to account-production costs

Victory Company uses weighted-average process costing to account for its production costs. Direct labor is added evenly throughout the process. Direct materials are added at t

Evaluate the munson''s taxable income for 2011

Evaluate the Munson's taxable income for 2011? What is existing income tax expense for the year ended 12/31/11?

Used in the predetermined overhead rate must have been

Brown Inc. uses machine hours for its predetermined overhead rate. For the year, Brown had an over applied manufacturing cost of $2,600. The additional information for the las

Accounting events-earned cash revenues-paid cash expenses

Majka Company was started on January 1, 2016. During 2016, the company experienced the following three accounting events: (1) earned cash revenues of $31,300, (2) paid cash ex

How much will you have when the cd matures

JG Asset Services is recommending that you invest $1,500 in a 5-year certificate of deposit (CD) that pays 3.5% interest, compounded annually. How much will you have when th

Included in the lease receivable account

Minimum lease payments may include a, The amount to be recorded as the cost of an asset under capital lease is equal to the, Which of the following would not be included in th

What internal control procedure

What internal control procedure(s) would best prevent or detect the following problems? A production order was initiated for a product that was already overstocked in the comp


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