Make a business case for obtaining the funds

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To IDS or to Not IDS?" Please respond to the following:

Suppose you were proposing the implementation of an IDS to your manager as a new initiative for your organization. Explain how you would make a business case for obtaining the funds in order to fully implement this initiative.

Propose the top three reasons for why organizations would NOT choose to implement IDS / IPS systems, and analyze each of these reasons to determine whether you believe they are valid concerns or improper conclusions.

Reference no: EM13757086

Draw the initial demand and supply curves

Suppose that the quantity demanded rises by 40 million packs of gum per month at each price.- Draw the initial demand and supply curves as given by the table above. Call this

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Imagine that you are a network engineer for a mid-sized company, specify your main responsibilities and suggest strategies to fulfill the responsibilities that you have spec

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Let's suppose your current annual sales are $1 million. You implement social media strategy and begin generating $200,000 in revenue through your Facebook page. At the end y

What are the consequences

Using your CIKR paper from the previous assignment, continue the risk analysis of your CIKR being impacted by a natural disaster, terrorism or technological event. Answer th

Describe cognitive social phenomena that occur specifically

In a virtual world (VW) of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), collaboration and communication are provided through the Internet between MMORPG-ready

Briefly explain the steps in business process engineering

Steps found in business process engineering - Briefly explain the steps in business process engineering and Identify one step that you think can be altered and describe how yo

Description of customer relationship management

Description of Customer Relationship Management - greatest potential benefit for health care organizations. Using an external example in another industry say Ford or Toyota o

Discuss about the corporate data mining process

To identify data mining applications in a corporate with complete business requirements fulfilled by applying a suitable data mining process.To develop a suitable data minin


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