Major hydrologic components of a watershed

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1. Draw a sketch of the major hydrologic components of a watershed and develop a water balance equation for that watershed based on your sketch.

2. Using equation (2-16) and assuming no model error, compute (a) the estimated evapotranspiration and (b) the absolute and relative uncertainties in the estimated ET for:
Yukon River Mekong River
Watershed area (km2) 932,400 663,000
Precipitation, P (mm yr-1) 570 1,460
Relative error in P, up 0.20 0.15
Streamflow, Q (m3 s-1) 5,100 13,200
Relative error in Q, uQ 0.10 5.0x10-2

3. Using the methods in Box C-2, compute the mean, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, and skewness of the three time series of Table 2-2. Which time series is the most variable, relatively speaking? Briefly (2-3 sentences) discuss why.

Reference no: EM13774180

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