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1. A firm can procure gummy bags for $1.25 and sell them for $1.99. If the firm purchases 750 units, how many units does it have to sell to break even?

Approximately 420 units

Approximately 435 units

Approximately 450 units

Approximately 460 units

Approximately 470 units

2. Bob Thornton and his staff can normally accommodate 360 clients per day. In 2014, Bob Thornton and his staff served 217 clients. During 2014, Bob provided rigorous customer orientation training for all his staff. In 2015, Bob’s firm served 295 clients.

Find the capacity utilization during 2015 at Bob’s firm from the information provided above.





Do not have enough information to compute

3. Edwin Brooks is a new CEO trying to implement a major change in strategy in an established organization. All of the following strategies are appropriate EXCEPT which one?

1. Brooks should conduct a survey to determine if employees support the change in strategy.

2. Brooks should be sure that employees understand the changes that will be necessary to implement the strategy.

3. Brooks should try to get as many managers and employees involved in the change process as possible.

4. Brooks should work to give employees a sense of control over the situation.

Reference no: EM132184816

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