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Part -1:

Assessment task

In this assessment item, you are required to maintain an online reflective blog/journal and write blog posts/entries based on academic articles. For writing each blog post, you will select one of the listed articles from the Additional Readings sectionof every week in the Moodle site.You will write a reflective blog post after reading how the article has helped you to learn the week's topic.Ensure that you write the blog post based on the correct article i.e. if you are writing Blog post 1(Business Process Architecture), then refer to the Additional Readings section of week 4 to choose an article since Business Process Architecture is covered in week 4. To find anarticle for Blog post 2, refer to the Additional Readings section of week 6 and so forth.

Please label the blog posts correctly i.e. provide the correct title. For example- the first blog post should be labelled "Blog post 1: Business Process Architecture", the second one should be "Blog post 2: Business Process Management" and so forth.

Blog format

In your reflective blog post, you should demonstrate an ability to reflect on and learn from established practices in the nominated article and the weekly course topic. You will write your blog post in the format as described below.
• Synopsis - this is a summary of the content of the article (should be objective);
• Critique - how well you think the author or authors address the article topic (should be objective);
• Your reflection - how you think the article has assisted you in understanding the weekly course topic (can be subjective as you are discussing your own learning).

It is advisable to structure your blog post in three paragraphs: Synopsis, Critique and Reflection.Do not create headings and subheadings as distinct paragraphs will suffice.

Note: You need to use correct Harvard reference citations for each blog to support your critique even though you are only referring to one paper.The blog post should be free from typographical, spelling and grammatical errors.

You can complete your blog posts before the due dates but feedback will not be released until 2 weeks after the due date of each blog. No comment on your work will be posted on your blog for viewing by the general public.

Instructions for creating and registering your blog

A blog (or weblog) is a website where entries are made in reverse chronological order. It is perhaps the simplest and one of the most popular ways of producing a website. For more information about blogs, see the Wikipedia page for ‘blog' or follow this link to see a video about blogs.

You will be using Mahara to create your blog. After creating the blog/journal and blog posts/entries in Mahara, you will subsequently need to create a Mahara page, embed the journal in it and create a secret URL. Steps for all of these can be found in the course website on Moodle.

After following all the steps and completing your blog post, submitthe Secret URL by pasting it into Moodle for marking and feedback.

Part -2:Assessment task

You are to conduct a research of the Internet on the topics as listed at the top of this assessment detail. You should review the items you find around the specified topic and select a minimum of 5 items for each week and link them to your portfolio.So to start with, you need to create a portfolio on Mahara with 4 pages(i.e. 1 page for each of the above weekly topic) and then each page should have 5 items with a justification for each item.

The items you may include in the portfolio could be YouTube videos, clips from lectures and/or tutorials, relevant websites and your own work that you produce in the tutorials. Your portfolio should capture rich ideas, resources and innovative practice around business process management within the frame of the four topics listed above.

In the justification, you are to write a brief discussion as to why you chose the items you did, and why you thought the items chosen are appropriate. Your justification for each item should be around 100 words (100 words for each item * 5 items = 500 words on each page).

You are not to upload files from the Internet, as you do not own copyright, and if you do upload the files, this will be plagiarism. You are to use links to your items only.

Harvard referencing format and citations are to be used to substantiate your discussion.

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