Maintain a constant body temperature in humans

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Explain how the following processes help maintain a constant body temperature in humans.

Reference no: EM132280247

Does omega-3 pufa intake reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes

Omega-3 fatty acids are considered to be the essential fatty acids for body functioning. Human body is not able to synthesize this on its own; therefore it has to be supplem

What is the difference between catabolism and anabolism

What is metabolism. What is the difference between catabolism and anabolism. What is the homeostasis? What are the sensors, effectors and controllers of homeostasis. How do an

Transformed bacteris that produce the enzyme

Suppose you are a scientist trying to help people who cannot produce an enzyme needed for proper digestion. how could you use genetic engineering techniques to make transforme

What kind of infection is he witnessing

Carlo is a microbiologist who detected viral genes integrated into bacteria and found that the viral genes were reproduced each time a bacterium divided. What kind of infect

How allosteric regulation can change an enzyme activity

In allosteric deactivation a regulatory molecule binds to a site other than the active site, resulting in a change in enzyme shape that allows the active site to bind substr

Is the breeding program described above likely to result

A plant that has seed very rich in an oil that can be directly used as a biofuel to power vehicles has been discovered. the plant is able to grow on a marginal farm land and

Transcription is the production of rna from dna

Transcription is the production of RNA from DNA. It reads one strand of DNA, called the template, to create a new RNA strand. The nucleotides are added to the growing RNA

Discuss the style of communication of each classmate

Using proper online etiquette, respond to the postings of 2 classmates. Discuss the style of communication of each classmate. Also discuss ways in which this style is useful i


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