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Write a program consisting of a main module and three other modules.

The owners of the Super Supermarket would like to have a program that computes the monthly gross pay of their employees as well as the employee's net pay. The input for this program is an employee ID number,hourly rate of pay, and number of regular and overtime hours worked. Gross pay is the sum of the wages earned from regular hours and overtime hours; overtime is paid at 1.5 times the regular rate. Net pay is gross pay minus deductions. Assume that deductions are taken for tax withholding
(30 percent of gross pay) and parking ($10 per month). You will need the following variables:
EmployeeID (a String) 
HourlyRate (a Float) 
RegHours (a Float)
GrossPay (a Float) 
Tax (a Float) 
Parking (a Float)
OvertimeHours (a Float) 
NetPay (a Float)

You will need the following formulas:
GrossPay = RegularHours * HourlyRate + OvertimeHours * (HourlyRate * 1.5)
NetPay = GrossPay - (GrossPay * Tax) - Parking

Reference no: EM13182159

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