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"Looking Ahead" Please respond to the following:

Discuss how you will use the lessons learned in your BBA program to be more productive in your current (or future) career. Provide specific examples to support your response.

Predict what major issues this program will be addressing 10 years from now. Explain your rationale.

Reference no: EM13969336

With consequences from unprofessional behavior

XYZ Corporation of Boise has hired you as an outside consult to write the portion of their employee manual dealing with consequences from unprofessional behavior. Why is it im

Deliver more value than the sum of their business unit parts

Why do few companies deliver more value than the sum of their business unit parts. Does the approach to the strategy process make a difference? What about strategy implementat

Cost-effectiveness of chemotherapy

Collection of data by expert elicitation to fill gaps in the published literature and inform parameters in the economic model and estimation of the EVPI to quantify the uncert

Labor and production costs

The textbook explains that firms must keep costs down in order to compete and survive, but how does management make that happen? After all, it is managers who are in charge. H

Explain the new product planning and development process

explain the new product planning and development process. Be sure to include examples of products and services that you found on the internet to help explain the process.

Relationship-oriented versus task-oriented behaviors

Compare/contrast the following factors or behaviors: relationship-oriented versus task-oriented behaviors, emotional intelligence versus cognitive. Analysis of how those facto

Evaluate the current growth and new business strategies

Analyze the overall competitive environment, including market conditions. Evaluate the current growth and new business strategies, along with implications. Analyze the organiz

Substantial performance

Substantial Performance. The Caplans own a real estate lot, and they contract with Faithful Construction, Inc., to build a house on it for $360,000. The speci?cations list “al


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