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Look at the Focus on Ethics box (“How Fair Is Check Into Cash”) in Chapter 5 of the textbook. These, businesses quote an interest rate of 15% to loan customers (most of whom are fairly unsophisticated) and yet the EAR of the loan is close to 400%. Explain the wide discrepancy between these rates. What do you believe is the correct regulatory response to these types of lenders?

Reference no: EM131059206

What rate is the money in this account growing

The future value that accrues when $500 is invested at 5%, compounded continuously, is S(t) = 500e^0.05t where t is the number of years. (Round your answers to the nearest cen

What savings in year three is needed to make alt

Your company evaluates proposals using a 2.5-year payback period. You have two alternatives for a new boring machine. Alt. A costs $10,000 and will last for six years. Alt.A w

Calculate equivalent taxable yield

Three? friends, Jodie,? Natalie, and? Neil, have asked you to determine the equivalent taxable yield on a municipal bond. The? bond's current yield is 3.71 percent with five y

Calculate companys taxable income

ABC Co., a corporation had gross sales of $500,000 in 2008. Additionally, the company also received $100,000 in dividend income and $50,000 as interest income. The total expen

Yield maintain fee will be changed

A borrower has a $10,000,000 interest-only loan at 8% interest rate for 20 year. There is a lockout period of 10 years. Should the borrower choose to prepay this loan at any t

Do you agree with the given statement why or why not

Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not? Do you think that a proper country risk analysis can replace a capital budgeting analysis of a project considered for a for

Standard deviation and expected return

The stock of Bruin, Inc., has an expected return of 18 percent and a standard deviation of 32 percent. The stock of Wildcat Co. has an expected return of 10 percent and a stan

Firm uses only debt and equity in its capital structure

A firm uses only debt and equity in its capital structure. The firm's weight of equity is 70 percent. The firm's cost of equity is 13 percent and it has a tax rate of 30 perce


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