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Innovative company

Select an innovative company. This may be a company from the list of the most innovative businesses, or a business based on sharing (Uber, Zipcar, WeWork, Instacart, Rent the Runway, ThredUp, Chegg), or one that provides on demand service (Postmates, Seamless, UberRUSH, FreshDirect), or a company that is disrupting a "traditional" industry model (Casper, Warby Parker, even Netflix). 

What kind of old problem has this company solved for its customers? How did it solve it?  What is unique about it - does it have an innovative strategy to reward work, to price its product, to expand into new markets? Does it operate in more than one country?  Do the concepts of reputation capital, network effect, trust and free pricing apply to this company, and how? How can you explain its success?

Your favorite cyber problem

A  number of new problems that emerged in the digital age. For this written assignment select one of the problems and describe it in detail. Explain the issue, why it is a challenging issue, whether there is more than one side to the debate around this issue, what ethical dilemmas it may pose, and how in your view the problem should be addressed.  For example, you may choose to discuss surveillance, it's benefits (increased security) and costs (loss of privacy).  Alternatively, you may focus on intellectual property rights for software patents, and the pros and cons of having those patents.  Other possible topics may include cyber-attacks, free sharing of digital content, new forms of weapons accessible by more and more people, and other problems discussed in this module.  You can even think of a problem that we did not discuss - such as spread of information through social media - this is a good topic too as long as you can explain why the issue is not black and white but rather ambiguous with positive and negative sides.

Reference no: EM131119506

Educate your audience or to share information

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Define categorical imperative according to Kant.-  Define utilitarianism.- Discuss the contributions of Martin Buber and Carl Rogers to the study of ethics in communication.

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Review the Final Research Project instructions located in Week Five. To help with the preparation of the paper, complete the following items and submit them to your instruct

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Write a minimum of a five-page essay, using proper APA format, on the topic of pros and cons of tariffs. Use a minimum of three scholarly sources. You have the freedom to ta

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Conduct post hocs if you have conducted an ANOVA to identify significant interactions. Even if you did not have a significant interaction in your first analysis, run post ho

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You have examined various types of derivatives that firms can utilize for the purpose of transferring risk. In this question, you will need to evaluate different scenarios and


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