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Discussion :

List at least two articles (or other scholarly references) you have found that pertain to your topic and briefly summarize them.

Topic: Issues firefighters deal with in today's world

Article- 5 stresses firefighters deal with that others don't know about By Michael Morse

Article- The Latest Danger Facing Today's Firefighter: Social Media

We saw in lecture 2 about how to better assess our topics using the online environment. Many times we use the Internet to search for subjects in our daily lives, yet we may not view these sources with a critical eye.

In Week 2 you were guided with your search techniques, words chosen, and criteria for how to view the materials you were finding as you searched.

This may seem like a very simple endeavor, yet with thousands of possible resources available via the Internet, finding valid research driven information may prove difficult.

Your Forum 2 discussion was where you expressed what you were finding with your Internet and web site searches. You also were to begin looking for and deciding upon your topic of study during our time together in FSMT 475.

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