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First one paper essay

Purpose: In class we discussed the power of language, using the phrase "like a girl" as and example of some of the negative consequences of language. The purpose of this assignment is to have you examine some of the unintentional potential effects of your own language and words you use.


1. Observe your own language for 1-2 days and find at least three examples of words or phrases you use as "slang" or incorrectly. Using a word or phrase incorrectly is using the word as something other than it's definition. Think of one in English, or in your language, that has both a positive and a negative connotation. Examples of popular words/phrases used incorrectly are: Like a girl, retarded, gay, bitch, etc. (make a mental note or write them down).

2. Analyze the negative and positive definitions of the word by answering the following questions (separately for each word) in full-sentence, paragraph format. Write three paragraphs total, one for each word/phrase, and write an introduction, and a summary. You should have at least 5 paragraphs in all.:

a. List the word and the denotative definition (Cite your source-Webster's Dictionary? Miriam-Webster?
b. List at least three "slang" ways the word is used (cite your sources), including how you used it.
c. Does this language sensitive/inclusive, or not (page 48) and explain why it is that type of language.
d. Identify at least one way you can improve using (using your example above) verbal messages effectively by explaining 1) the incorrect and correct method of using, 2) how you can use it, 3) how it will help you communicate more clearly.


• Use text information to describe and explain your answers
• Use full sentence, paragraph format
• Use correct grammar, spelling, structure, etc.
• Write a proper essay with all necessary parts (intro, body, conclusion etc)
• Write at least one page, double spaced, without changing the margins.

Second one paper essay


Nonverbal Communication Assignment

Observing nonverbal communication

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to observe and identify nonverbal behavior and analyze these behaviors to understand what they communicate.

1. Find a subject to observe.

2. Observe your subject for 10-20 minutes (enough time to collect enough data for your project). I recommend printing out the following elements you are observing so you can take notes while observing.

3. Type up your observations and perceptions of the behavior using information from the text to support your claims.

Note: To get full points, you will need to explain your observations and perceptions using full-sentence, paragraph format and information from the text. For example: You will need to say, "I noticed this about spatial communication...the textbook explains...therefore, this is what I think..."

What do you notice about (pages 58 - 62):

1. Body movements & Gestures?
2. Facial and eye communication?
3. Spatial communication ?
4. Intonation?
5. Touch communication?

6. How were the nonverbal cues different from your own culture's nonverbal cues?

• Write at least one page, double spaced, without changing the margins.

Reference no: EM131205656

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