List and explain some of the pros and cons of the law

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Part A-

Read the article by Wagner titled "Top 10 Disappearing Futures" located in the ABI/Inform database of the CSU Online Library. Choose one of the disappearing futures and write a paper at least two pages in length discussing it. Discuss the importance of the future you chose and how it relates to technology trends. Find at least one additional article in the CSU Online Library related to your disappearing future.
Your paper must use APA style guidelines and include a title, abstract, and reference page. Be sure to list all sources in the reference page and use in-text citations where appropriate. The title, abstract, and reference pages are not included in the required minimum page length.

Part B-

Create a PowerPoint presentation at least five slides in length responding to the following points:

• Choose one of the significant U.S. computer laws and/or court decision laws on page 524 of your textbook, or one from your own research and briefly describe it.

• List and explain some of the pros and cons of the law.

• How does ethics play a role in the law?

• Who is mostly impacted by the law?

Reference no: EM13987982

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