Limited partnership and limited liability partnership

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Partnerships have various advantages over corporations. However, one of the major disadvantages for a partnership versus corporations is the liability issue. Does the addition a of limited partnership (LP) and limited liability partnership (LLP) increase or decrease the advantages or remove the disadvantage?

Reference no: EM13142162

Determining the choice of an allocation base

"Cost allocation is arbitrary, so there is nothing gained by it. We should report only the costs we know are direct." Do you agree? Why?

Compute the annual approximate interest cost

Trade Credit Discount. Compute the annual approximate interest cost of not taking a discount using the following scenarios. What conclusion can be drawn from the calculation

Aging of receivables analysis

Paloma Company estimates uncollectible accounts using the allowance method at December 31. It prepared the following aging of receivables analysis

Top five mergers and acquisitions

Determine the top five mergers and acquisitions (M&A) for the current year up to the date of this assignment. Provide a list including the name of the acquirer, the target,

Problem regarding the technique of neutralization

List and briefly describe at least one example of a "technique of neutralization" or form of rationalization as it applies to professional deviance within criminal justice.

Predict penny stock performance

A study of 98 investment advisors asked them to predict the value of a "penny" stock a week ahead. The correlation between the values predicted and the actual value was 0.20

Costing believing that its traditional cost system

Activity-Based Costing Believing that its traditional cost system may be providing misleading information, an organization is considering an activity-based costing approach.

Illustrate the effect of the federal budget deficits

Use a market for loanable funds graph to illustrate the effect of the federal budget deficits. What happens to the equilibrium real interest rate and the quantity of loanabl


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