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1. Why might the level of entrepreneurship vary across countries?

2. Would all the factors that promote or constrain business entrepreneurship also affect the level of social entrepreneurship?

3. Do you think some industries would be more affected or less affected by the criteria in the Doing Business rankings?

4. Among those factors affecting the level of entrepreneurial activity, which might be the easiest to change and which might be the most difficult? Which might take the most time to change?

5. How might a country's level of economic development affect the nature of entrepreneurial activity?

Reference no: EM132184442

Effect on the supply and demand for bonds

Explain and show graphically the effect on the supply and demand for Bonds in a deflationary period. What is the effect on interest rates and the quantity of bonds.

Phillips curve-aggregate demand and aggregate supply

GM announced that it will close its Oshawa truck plant in 2009 and a Windsor transmission plant in 2010. Ford also plans a 10 percent cut in white-collar, salaried positions.

Profit maximzing monopolists marginal costs

Suppose that a profit maximzing monopolist’s marginal costs increase at all output levels. What is likely to happen to the quantity the monopolist produces, AND the price it c

Example of a dysfunctional organization for many years

Enron will be an example of a dysfunctional organization for many years to come. It was clearly a organization riddled with fraud also excess also its conduct drove it into

Illustrate what is the firm total revenue

If the above monopolist were to behave like a perfectly competitive firm (operating in the long run), determine its output. Illustrate what is the firm's Total Revenue.

Using to argue for the trade restriction on semiconductors

Suppose there is a policy debate regarding the United States imposing trade restrictions on imported semiconductors: Which of the following justifications is the pundit using

Increase in demand causes equilibrium price and quantity

An increase in demand causes equilibrium price and quantity to rise. A decrease in demand causes equilibrium price and quantity to fall. An increase in supply causes equilibri

What is the purpose of trade sales promotions

What is the purpose of trade sales promotions? Identify three types of trade sales promotions that Frito-Lay should use to increase sales. Specifically how should these be imp


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