Legends of virgin birth

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Why do you think that stories of Virgin Births were common in the ancient world? What were these stories attempting to convey and do you think that they are allegorical or literal? Please give specific examples.

Reference no: EM13140094

Christian and pantheistic views of afterlife

This discussion focuses on differences between Christian and Pantheistic views of the afterlife. How are they similar? How are they different?

Determining comparative religions

How humans view their spiritual world constitutes a major theme of humanities. Through exposure to the foundations of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, how would you say tha

Theological problem of evil

Millard Erickson posits three possible solutions to the problem of evil. The first of these is "Finitism" which concludes that God is not omnipotent. Brightman's version of

Summarize the book of paul

Summarize the book of Paul first by identifying and explaining its epistle genre. Identify the key theme, major events, and major personalities.

Development of early christianity

What makes Judaic law and theology different from other faiths of the period? What influences did Judaism have on the development of early Christianity?

Commonalities among religions of world

What do the world religions have in common? Cite specific examples from each of the religions studied in this course. Are there any stark differences or striking similaritie

Comparative religion reflection essay

Examine to what extent your religious beliefs fall into this pattern. Do some elements have more weight than others? If you do not have a belief system, interview someone wh

Determining religion origins

Choose one of the theories about the origins of religion that most appeals to you or strikes your interest. Define it clearly. Then compare/contrast that theory to your beli


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