Learning in action
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Learning is a natural activity of human being that provides experience to learn something in life as an essential part. The learning process associated with acquiring and interpreting the situation in which a person belong to get experience and several applying knowledge (O'Neil, Ed. D., Marsick, 2007).

This document inhibits:


Outcomes of Strategies into Action

Response of Colleagues and Workgroup

Problems and Treatment

Work of Strategies

Learning from Assessment of Strengths and Weaknesses

Need of Changes

Need to Make Changes

Analysis and Evaluation of Strategies

  • Effectiveness of the Strategy
  • Meaning of outcomes of Strategies
  • Affect of the Strategies
  • Implications for Staff and for Managers and Leaders
  • Implications for me/my group/the people I interviewed

Mind Map of Learning in Action



learning in action is essential to make strategies for the betterment of the schedule and selection process in interview conduction. It has been also concluded that learning in action always supports those strategies that come into action and shows some better results.

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