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In this week's 'Leadership and organizing: sensemaking in action' article by Pye, the chief executive (CE) in the case took an approach to change that resulted in his being terminated. Was he too focussed on his preeminent 'position' as a formal leader and not focussed enough on sense-making? Could the resilient questioning put forth in the Margolis article have changed the outcome of the situation?

To prepare for this discussion, reflect on the main facts of the article, what he [the CE] perceived the situation to be, and how he approached it. 

With these thoughts in mind, in a 1000-1500 word response, post your answers to the following questions to the Discussion Board by Monday:

•How could the resilience questioning put forth in the Margolis article have changed the outcome of the situation?
•Based on your examination of the Peak Learning web site and the parameters of its Adversity Quotient Profile, what adjustments would you have had to make in order to deal with this situation if you were the CE? 

Reference no: EM13184112

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