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Question 1 Layout of highway curves:

A. is an approximation technique.

B. should be approximated only in areas of dense vegetation.

C. is a precisely calculated method of construction surveying.

D. is similar to construction surveying of a parking lot or access road.

Question 2 The calculation and layout of horizontal and vertical curves:

A. should be done only by experienced surveyors.

B. is a basic fundamental for construction surveyors.

C. should be done only by graduates of this course.

D. is an intermediate level surveying technique.

Question 3 Real time surveying techniques typically are conducted using:

A. a transit and steel tape.

B. a differential level.

C. GPS or a motorized total station.

D. a theodolite.

Question 4 The word grade in construction work means:

A. a proposed elevation.

B. the slope of profile line.

C. cuts and fills.

D. All of the above

Question 5 A route survey is typically prepared for the construction of a:

A. bridge.

B. highway.

C. store.

D. federal post office.

Question 6 The abbreviation BC in terms of a horizontal curve is the:

A. beginning of curve.

B. beginning of construction.

C. curve benchmark.

D. back site of the curve.

Question 7 When staking or laying out a horizontal curve, the total station is typically set up at the:

A. beginning of curve.

B. point of intersection.

C. end of curve.

D. long chord.

Question 8 An uneven or abnormal symmetry observed following the stakeout of a horizontal curve is usually an indication of a:

A. spiral curve.

B. curve embankment.

C. surveying error.

D. high design speed.

Question 9 An offset stake is installed:

A. after the point of intersection.

B. for use as an undisturbed reference to a centerline stake.

C. one station after station 0+00.

D. when the surveyor uses GPS.

Question 10 What is the distance that an offset stake is set from a centerline stake?

A. 2 feet

B. Half the distance from the beginning of curve to the point of intersection

C. 100 feet

D. The distance varies depending on the site

Question 11 Offset stakes are installed to reduce the:

A. amount of construction staking necessary to maintain line and grade for the highway centerline.

B. quantity of vertical curves in a highway survey.

C. size of horizontal curves on a rural highway construction.

D. engineer's design workload.

Question 12 Vertical curves are used in highway construction to provide a:

A. point of intersection between survey stations.

B. method to go over rivers and streams.

C. gradual change between two adjacent grade lines.

D. fun highway to drive on.

Question 13 When staking out a vertical curve, the point of intersection is:

A. the instrument setup point.

B. a point unable to be staked, as it is an extension of the legs of the curve tangents that is in the air or under the ground.

C. where the vertical and horizontal curves come together.

D. equally spaced between the beginning of the curve and the end of the curve.

Question 14 The location of a vertical curve's high and low points are important for:

A. drainage.

B. friction.

C. curve embankment.

D. station intervals.

Question 15 The proposed route of a highway is typically chosen based in part on the:

A. result of the preliminary survey.

B. lengths of horizontal curves along the route.

C. last aerial photograph taken before construction begins.

D. height of the summation of vertical curves along the proposed route.

Question 16 Except for changes in direction, highways are laid out in what station intervals?

A. 25 feet

B. 50 feet

C. 1000 feet

D. 100 feet

Question 17 Clearing and grubbing are done to:

A. ensure the compensator in the automatic level is not stuck.

B. remove trees and vegetation along the proposed route of a highway or linear construction project.

C. clean the total station prior to staking out the highway centerline.

D. maintain a line of site around horizontal curves for faster drivers.

Question 18 A marking on a slope stake of 3:1 indicates:

A. a total of 3 station intervals for every 100 linear feet.

B. three horizontal feet for every one foot of vertical change in grade.

C. an extremely steep class 3 slope embankment.

D. a vertical curve location marker.

Question 19 The indication of a cut on a slope stake means the:

A. grade at the location of the stake needs to be increased in the amount equal to the indicated cut.

B. road must be kept flat in this area.

C. grade at the location of the stake needs to be reduced in the amount equal to the indicated cut.

D. ground is unstable in this area.

Question 20 Layout for line and grade on highway construction projects is usually obtained:

A. one time.

B. two times.

C. when the contractor submits the pay request.

D. as often as necessary, but typically three or more times

Question 21 For a building with a foundation bottom 10 feet deeper than the finished surrounding grade, the original batter boards should be placed at least how many feet from the corners of the building?

A. 10 feet

B. 3 feet

C. 5 feet

D. At the building corners

Question 22 The most important features of a construction project to verify for the final as-built survey prior to completion of the construction project are:

A. roof top pitches.

B. lab cabinetry color.

C. buried pipeline locations.

D. manhole covers.

Question 23 Culvert location offset stakes are typically installed:

A. adjacent to the inlet and outlet of the culvert pipe.

B. adjacent to the culvert center point.

C. within the excavation limits of the culvert.

D. in line with the run of the culvert.

Question 24 Construction surveying layout for culverts is most like:

A. building layout.

B. highway layout.

C. gravity pipe line layout.

D. bridge layout.

Question 25 Bridge construction surveying is usually conducted:

A. using pacing to layout distances.

B. using a high degree of accuracy.

C. in the winter months when the water is frozen.

D. without regard to the connecting highway.

Question 26 Typically, bridge construction layout is initiated with:

A. complex offset distance calculations.

B. offset stakes from bridge centerline.

C. strings or wire from each end of the adjoining highway.

D. coordinate layout of foundation corners or centers.

Question 27 Bridge construction elevation control is first established with level and rod methods:

A. along the bridge span beams.

B. at the foundation of the bridge.

C. along the adjoining highway centerline.

D. at the crown of the pavement over the bridge.

Question 28 How many building corners must be established using coordinate layout prior to setting a transit or total station over one of the corner points?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

Question 29 Construction surveying for building layout is most crucial for which component of construction?

A. The roof

B. The walls

C. The doors

D. The foundation

Question 30 A batter board is used:

A. to hit trespassers with.

B. to control unruly workers.

C. to install line of site offsets along a building outside wall line.

D. to hold up instrument tripods.

Question 31 For a rectangular building measuring 26 feet long and 16 feet wide, the diagonals from opposite corners should measure:

A. 26 feet and 16 feet respectively.

B. 30 feet, six and 3/8 inches each.

C. 42 feet each.

D. 2 inches different from each other.

Question 32 A rotating laser is used:

A. as an audible site security alarm.

B. to establish a constant elevation or grade plane in its radius of influence.

C. to install building outside wall line offsets.

D. to keep insects away from the construction workers.

Question 33 To maintain vertical control during multistory building construction, measurements are taken using differential leveling or steel taping from:

A. the roof line.

B. the top of the concrete foundation.

C. the batter board.

D. the rotating laser centerline.

Question 34 For vertical alignment of walls, a transit or total station from a wall line offset can be used, as well as:

A. an automatic level and rod.

B. a steel tape.

C. a horizontal curve computation.

D. a plumb bob offset over the top of an outside wall line or corner point.

Question 35 Projects requiring quantity surveying are usually being paid for:

A. by lump sum after project completion.

B. by unit price measured in dollars per unit of measure.

C. with cash.

D. with extremely expensive survey equipment.

Question 36 The final units of measure reported from a quantity survey of an earthwork project would more than likely be:

A. degrees, minutes, and seconds.

B. feet.

C. square feet.

D. cubic feet or cubic yards.

Question 37 Quantity surveying is accomplished by breaking up large complex areas into:

A. squares.

B. circles.

C. simple geometric shapes.

D. triangles.

Question 38 For earthwork volume calculations, the variation in elevation measured in feet is usually accomplished:

A. by numerous differential leveling measurements.

B. using a tape measure.

C. by rounding to the nearest foot.

D. by guessing.

Question 39 A final survey is also known as:

A. a baseline survey.

B. the last hoorah.

C. an as-built survey.

D. a control survey.

Question 40 The final survey must take into account:

A. building corners installed a few feet from original design location.

B. roadway horizontal curves larger than design.

C. constructed variations from the original design.

D. all the above

Reference no: EM13860160

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