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The article at groups 20 amino acids into 6 groups according to 8 amino acid properties (size, partial volume, hydrophobicity, etc.). Perform the PCA analysis and show the 2D plot of 20 AAs according to the largest two principal components.

Reference no: EM131409424

Does it make sense that replication and transcription

What accounts for the difference in accuracy between DNA replication and transcription? Does it make sense that replication and transcription might differ in this respect.

Mimic the ability of tardigrades to survive space radiation

In an attempt to mimic the ability of tardigrades to survive space radiation, your research lab is working on protein coverings that could potentially protect vulnerable DNA

Compare and contrast fluid flow

Using Starlings law describing capillary fluid flow, do you think there will likely be a net filtration or absorption or a net flow of zero across the peritubular capillarie


If a feather and a lead ball are dropped from 1000m in AIR (vacuum), will they hit the ground at the same time? Why or Why not? Recall that in a vacuum, the acceleration due

Contribute to animal development

Explain How the following processes each contribute to animal development: regional specification, cell differentiation, morphogenesis, growth, and developmental time (also

Describe gene duplication, homeobox genes

Describe gene duplication, homeobox genes, and retention of juvenile characters in the process of macroevolution. (Please be specific)

Explain what do they perform in the network

What are the essential services that are needed for setting up a Windows Server 2008 R2 network infrastructure? Select 4 of the following items and explain what do they perf

Determine the percent o2 content in the room after 12 hours

A new reality TV show includes a "contest" to survive solitary confinement. To win, the contestant must remain for 12 hours in an air-tight room that is 5ft X 5ft X 8 ft.


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