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1. Reconstruct arguments based on your understanding and interpretation of the rhetorical aspect of the passages that follow. In each case be prepared to offer justification your reconstruction and interpretation.

2. You already ate more than your fair share of our limited food supply; do you really want more?

3. You are not happy at your job, so why not quit?

4. If he is being accused of taking steroids now, then why has he hit approximately the same number of home runs each year since he first started playing professional baseball?

5. If the Catholic Church really believed in the equality of women, then why aren’t there any women priests?

6. Either you love your country or you are a traitor.

7. You hate getting prank phone calls, so why don’t you get an unlisted phone number?

8. If you want to get rich quick, then why don’t you buy more lottery tickets?

Reference no: EM13521420

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