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Prepare the Software Requirements Specification.

The Journey Beyond Hell's Gate


This text based game was created to further our knowledge of java, sql and the software development cycle as well as to satisfy the requirements


This text based game will be a console game called the Journey beyond Hell's gate. The game functions will be controlled through a graphical user interface which will consist of a command line for entering text based commands and an area for viewing your commands and information printed to the interface from the game. It will have a save and load feature as well as score keeping abilities. The user will have to navigate through a 50 room map fighting monsters and solving puzzles along the way.

Program will be developed using Java IDE Eclipse. Eclipse with be the main point of programming and will be where the program will be developed. All Java code will reside in Eclipse packages. Eclipse offers various built in Java classes that will be used in the creation of the program.

Product Perspective

Program will be similar to other adventure game, but will lack a graphical avatar that the user controls. Instead, the user will command the hero and interact with the game world by type text commands into the gui command line such as "help" or "move left". The gui will show descriptive text of environment, monsters and puzzles printed from the game as well as the user generated commands.

Program will not be self-contained. Program will be somewhat dependent on a database for room descriptions and puzzle and monster creations. Program will need the assistance of Eclipse and a database management system in order to function correctly.

Software Product Features

Performance Requirements
The interaction between the user and the computer will be limited to specific keys. Each key should have a specific functionality.

Design Constraints
Program must operate on a functional OS. Mac, Linux, and Windows OS all work for processing program. A Java JVM must be present on the computer that the program is being used in order for all Java files to run appropriately.

Reference no: EM131289842

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