Joint probability density function

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Suppose that X and Y are jointly continuous with joint probability density function.

2e-(x+2y), for x>0, y>0


0, else.

Show that X and Y are independent random variables and provide their marginal distributions.

Reference no: EM132184450

Cost curve is mislabeled as the average fixed cost curve

Suppose the graphs below (A−D) represent a typical perfectly competitive firm. State what is wrong with each of the graphs. a. What is wrong with graph A? The average total co

Which country will have the higher sacrifice ratio

The firms and workers in Bayernland form expectations rationally. The firms and workers in Realland form expectations adaptively. Their otherwise identical economies are initi

What is the monthly interest rate

One of the largest car dealers in the city advertises a 3-year-old car for sale as follows. Cash price $13,750, or a down payment of $1375 with 45 monthly payments of $361.23.

What price should he charge for his firm product

His plant engineers report that, at his projected volume, labor costs are $1.00 per package, material costs are $2.00 per package, and other average fixed costs are about $0

Construction permits are expected to be issued

Suppose that 8000 (i.e 8 units of one thousand) construction permits are expected to be issued in 2010. What would be the point estimate of Phoenix lumber Company’s sales for

Use accounts receivable as collateral to borrow money

Many small companies use accounts receivable as collateral to borrow money for continuing operations and meeting payrolls. If a company borrows $230,000 now at an interest rat

The market has a nash-cournot equilibrium

Two firms, each in a different country, sell homogeneous output in a third country. Government 1 subsidizes its domestic firm by s per unit. The other government intervention,

The initial cost of a pickup truck

The initial cost of a pickup truck is $12872 and will have a salvage value of $3523 after five years. Maintenance is estimated to be a uniform gradient amount of $191 per year


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